Virtual Center – Custom Alert for CPU usage on multiple VMs

My google-fu is failing me here and im not even sure its possible natively through virtual center but here goes. We know that there is a way to monitor CPU usage on single VMs…send an alert/email when usage is sustained for x amount of time…etc etc. Is there a way to not monitor this directly to a VM but rather alert if say more than 10vms are experiencing at the same time only? I dont want an email for each individual VM experiencing this, but i definitely want to know if more than X amount of VMs are experiencing this.

I havent looked in to log insight or vrops yet for this, but was hoping to crowd source this first.

Running Version 6.7

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  1. Nothing native. This has nothing to do with the hypervisor, if you want to track CPU between many VMs you’d need to do that in guest or with some other monitoring platform.

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