VM transfer between two vCenters

I am attempting to use ovftool to transfer a VM from one vcenter to another, however I kept on getting this error.

Error: Locator does not refer to an object: vi://username:password@vcenter2.local/vm/foldername

Completed with errors

This is the syntax that I’ve used, but I’ve also tried other variants as well.

ovftool -ds=StorageName -n=VMName vi://username:password@vcenter1.local/vm/VMname vi://username:password@vcenter2.local/vm/foldername


Thank you for your assistance.

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  1. What is your use case here?

    If you want to move the VM just from one vCenter to another I’d recommend either cross vCenter migration or a replication tool (e.g. VEEAM has an easy to use replication function).

  2. I’m willing to guess your password contains special characters (I think it’s # or ^ that do it). Make a temp admin user that doesn’t have those (! might be ok but I can’t remember for sure). Also, you can get around not having your password in shell history or onscreen by omitting it (it will prompt).

    Edit: you might need to specify a datacenter. If you run ovftool with only the vi://user@… part it will list objects

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