VM works on one machine but not after moving to another

(OK so apparently the official VMWare forums are rather useless, never got a single reply to this question there…)

Has anyone seen it where a VM works on one Fusion instance, but not on another machine?

I’m running Fusion 7.1.3 on two different Macs — my MacBook Pro and a new iMac. On the MBP my VMs work fine, but after copying them to a USB drive and then to the iMac, they fail to start, resulting in the “Internal error” message on resume attempt. I also tried copying via wi-fi and had the same result.

I see some posts about file systems… My Macs and the USB drive are all formatted the same, APFS.

Any idea what’s going on here? Why do they work on one machine but generate an error (a very poorly worded one at that) on another?

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  1. Are you exporting the machines as OVA/OVF then doing the copy? If you import the OVF it should work OK.

    Alternatively, create a new VM on the iMac and attach the existing vmdk files to it, see if that gets around it.

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