VMotion fails on host, task shows failed — attempts to retry result in task failure “because vMotion is in progress” [v6.7, build 14320388]

I’ve had vMotions fail on rare occasions, usually with very busy, large VMs with a lot of memory.

But I’ve never had vMotions fail, and then future attempts tell me they can’t be done because a vMotion is in progress. The task list shows the original task has failed, the VM works (I can RDP into them), but I can’t perform a vMotion.

Other VMs on this host that didn’t have a failed vMotion task can be vMotioned to other hosts in the cluster, so it’s not a complete glitch with the host in question where these VMs are.

I’m thinking at the moment my best bet is try again in some hours, or shut down all the VMs on this host and reboot it.

Is there any other “vmotion in progress” lock file or flag I can toggle?

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  1. In case , you were not able to vMotion , or the task didn’t time out , go to the esxi host advanced settings > search for migrate.enable , change it to 0 and save it , then change it back to 1 to reload vMotion module .

    or you can kill , all the vMotion tasks in vCenter at once by restarting the services , on the vCenter .

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