vmotion in Vsan cluster

what is the best practices when performing a vmotion in a vsan cluster ?

i just want to relocate a VM on another host (less loaded in memory) , so which choice have am i to choose ?

– migrate compute only ?

– migrate both storage and compute ?

i doubt because i know that compute has to be located as closer as possible with storage.

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  1. If you are planning to keep the vms in the vSAN datastore and cluster you can just simply compute vmotion. Storage vmotion will only work if you want to move the vms out of vSAN datastore.

  2. If in the same vSAN cluster – compute only.

    vSAN manages all the storage replication for you based on the storage policy (SBPM).

    You only need storage vMotion when moving the VM to a different datastore, in vSAN terms when you are moving a VM into, or out of the vSAN Datastore.

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