vMotion issue with vCenter 7 build 16386335

I just upgraded vCenter to 16386335, and while I’m still able to vMotion other VMs without an issue, vCenter times out when trying to vMotion itself. I let it sit today for about three hours and it was still at 53%. Has anyone else seen this? Previously it would vMotion itself in about a minute.

I’ve also noticed that vCenter takes a lot longer to boot after a restart. Typically before it would take 5-8 minutes for it to come back online after a restart, now it’s more like 10-15 minutes.

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  1. Have you made any network changes recently? I’d start with the simple stuff, look at your vmotion vmkernel IP and see if you can ping it.

    How many hosts connected to it?

    Make sure all your hosts have solid connectivity to the shared storage.

  2. I also notice the longer boot time, before it restats in about 5 minutes and now it takes about 10 or a bit longer. After booting up there is a delay to start services and a few minutes with 90-100% cpu usage (medium size, only 4 host and about 300vms with vSAN enabled)

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