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We are on the slow march towards win10, and happened across an unexpected behavior today.

We had been using vmrc 4 as an IT support tool to remote onto people’s machines for tech support calls.  It was quick and invisible to the end-user.

We are moving our admin PCs over to win10 now, and vmrc 4 does not work (it launches in the background, but the GUI never comes up?), so we downloaded vmrc 10.6 and modified the code in our tool to make it connect.  Problem is that the connection process is extremely disturbing to end-users.  Their screen blinks down to 1 display, and moves all windows to that display, then blinks again to bring their 2nd display back, but does not move anything back to it.


Is there a way we can make the newer version of vmrc  work the way the old one did where it is silent to the users?  Or at the very least does not make them re-organize all of their windows every time they call the help desk?


The behavior happens if we launch vmrc 10.6 from either a win7 machine, or win10, so it appears to be a setting in the tool rather than the move to win10, but I do not see any sort of config options available which may affect this.

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