VMs inaccessible on datastore while others are available. Datastore directory in SSH is inaccessible as well.

A handful of VMs in vSphere are showing up as ‘Inaccessible’. Doing a little research, I’ve found that one of them (The most important one) is located in our /vmfs/volumes/Drobo-1 LUN2 datastore. The first issue I’m finding is that the datastore, and the linked directory, are not accessible due to ‘Device or resource busy.’

Something else I’ve noticed is that there are other VMs that are running fine that have their files in that volume.

How can I get this datastore accessible so we can get our VM back up and running?


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  1. What version are you on? I recently had a very similar issue and logged a call with VMware. Had to patch to the latest version to resolve it. If I waited long enough the VM’s came back. Otherwise I think you will have to reboot the host which sucks.

    Do you have other hosts that see the same Datastore fine?

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