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I am experiencing this issue, repeatedly and reproducibly, even with the latest version of Workstation 14 (i.e., 14.1.8).  I also have some idea regarding the cause: a resource exhaustion ostensibly related to a lack of virtual memory in Windows, but I actually have virtual memory disabled.  In my case, the Chrome browser, when I leave several tabs open for days or weeks on end (my research requires that), eventually something “breaks” in terms of VM resources in Windows, and the VMware display driver itself fails.  Occasionally, attempting to change the display mode (e.g., full, centered, or whatever) will bring the display back, but not usually.  Ordinarily, I am forced to either revert to a snapshot or reboot to get the display back.  So, this looks like a failure on the part of the SVGA 3D driver when the Chrome browser (in my case) exhausts some resource which it interprets as Windows’ virtual memory.  As I said, I have now experienced this multiple times, and every time it comes down to Chrome and resource exhaustion, but the failing “component” is VMware’s virtual display driver.  I do not know if this occurs under Workstation 15, as I am not using that due to the fact that it’s claimed virtual hardware improvements (e.g., nvme drives) are mostly just sales hype (i.e., they are mostly false in practice).

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