VMware audits are increasing…

Just as a warning, I’m channel facing for resellers/VARs/Solution Providers and VMware has been going after a lot of NFR abuse. Just a heads up for anyone experiencing issues, remember NFRs are for testing, demonstration use only. So far it’s been $10,000+ that I’ve had to work with Compliance Officers and the root of it stems from NFRs. Their T’s and C’s state that it’s point in time audit and they’re very strict even if it was a “one day use to fix a problem”, you’ll have to pony up for the entire license.

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  1. **A**h. That is really good to know!

    **B**ecause my company is using well over 400k

    **I**n illegally licensed vSphere … I can

    **O**nly *hope* they get audited. I did

    **M**y part and reported my director’s

    **E**xplicitly illegal behaviors

    **D**irectly to our compliance officer




    That was over 3 months ago and nothing has been done. Publicly traded company who does illegal shit constantly and gets away with it. It’s gross and feels dirty.

  2. Got nailed by VMware about this time last year. Who ever setup shop here ended up using Enterprise NFR licenses to configure the ESXi hosts and vCenter. Ended up costing about $24k to get the correct licenses.

    The crappy part about it is the fact that we only have 4 hosts, and honestly we don’t actually need any of the enterprise features.

    The enterprise features are nice, but really more suited for a much larger environment. I’ve already been bitten in the ass by the fact that they set it up with distributed virtual switches, and we had to restore vCenter once and it wasn’t able to be recovered until I created non-DV switches for it to connect to so I could reconnect it to the DV switches. Damn I hate people who over engineer shit just because they can.

  3. sorry for the stupid question but….what is nfr?

    it’d be nice if people would spell out acronyms the first time used so us not so “in the know” can understand what their saying. 🙂

    ah, googled it. nfr = not for resale – in case anyone else wants to know.

  4. Don’t know who is funnier – the oracle sales teams that come sniffing to trick you into buying cloud stuff, or VMWare giving a bunch of stuff away for free and then being surprised pikachu when they audit shops and find it’s getting used!

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