vmware classroom requirements

Other than Stanly Community College what other places are out there for the same price? I tried my local community college but they don’t offer the vmware class.

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  1. Not really sure what you’re looking for with the class. I can recommend getting a packt publishing subscription and reading/watching tutorials from them. It’s a great resource for $10 a month.

    Get a machine and install esxi free on it, go to r/homelab and r/selfhosted to find inspiration for services you want to build out. If you’re looking for the class just to learn I genuinely feel that you’ll be spending way too much just to learn a tech but I have no idea what the price is. If there’s some cert at the end I’m sure you can take it separate from a course at a college, no?

    If you’re looking to build out your resume make some web facing apps on esxi, document the process you took and what you learned, etc. In your resume you can link to your site, monitoring stack w/grafana, uptime, etc.

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