VMWare converter option > target VMWare Player 11.x/12.x – what about 15.5…?

Hi there,

Looking to turn my Win7 64 system into a VMPlayer image.

But going through the options I only have two VMPlayer targets:

1. v6+
2. v11.x/v12.x

I also notice that the latest version of converter I was able to download from VMware is v6.2 dated 2017 I think.

Does this explain why I don’t see any later VMPlayer targets, and does this matter? i.e. has the container format for VMPlayer not changed in the years since 12.x was released, so this version of Converter will happily create a v15.5 image…


Many thanks. Jbt

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  1. The v12.x should work fine, VMware uses “hardware versions” for each VM. Newer hardware versions have additional features, but as long as your VM does not have multiple TB of RAM or something you can do the P2V conversion without an issue.

    You can upgrade your hardware version for the created VM very easily after the conversion is complete. I think Workstation even prompts you when you power the VM on.

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