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Hey, guys. I am aware of how VMs work on your processor speed, RAM, and storage based on the resources you have at your use. I don’t have a very good grasp on it because my class didn’t touch too much on the subject. I am curious if you are able to make a VM strictly for gaming. I would believe it would be best to use a bare metal than a hosted hypervisor since it does not have to go through the host OS to use the host’s, or hosts’, physical components. I am asking because I currently lack the ability to try for myself since I am restricted to a poor laptop for gaming, and I want to try, or at least know if it is possible to run a high end games such as DOOM or the current COD game.

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  1. I do this! Actually playing a game right now! Currently have a GPU and USB card passed through to the VM. From there I either play with Steam Streaming/Rainway or connecting a monitor and keyboard to the physical components.

    Overall it’s a great experience. There are moments where the lower clock speed of my R730 is noticeable. Not everything benefits from adding more cores.

  2. Yes, totally possible, although it doesn’t make sense to do it for yourself unless you have a specialized reason to do so. See r/cloudygamer to learn about DIY cloud VM gaming or r/ShadowPC to learn about a company offering an all-in-one service.

  3. Look into GPU pass through. That’s what you’d have to do for gaming. Lots of resources available whether using VMware or like Unraid.

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