VMware Fusion: Struggling to install Windows on an External Hard Drive Mac OS Mojave

So I’m following 9to5 Mac’s guide on installing windows onto an external drive and I’m having issues connecting my ssd to VM ware fusion. When ever I open disk management I don’t see my drive. There are only two disks C: and Disk 0(CD_ROM). When I connect my ssd to VMWare I hear the windows chime and it sounds like its connected. But when I check disk management it’s not there. I read that for some reason its because I’m using a USB 3.0 port. I tried switching USB compatibility to USB 2.0. Then when I tried connecting it actually recognizes the drive but it says “The device ‘xxx’ was unable to connect to its ideal host controller”. When I tap ok I get the “USB device not recognized” error.

Is this the right subreddit to find help with this?


Heres the link to 9to5 mac’s guide: [https://youtu.be/kR28kVtZYJY?t=424](https://youtu.be/kR28kVtZYJY?t=424)

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