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Do you know how I can solve this issue?


My client is configured to make use of RemoteFX USB Redirection. That let me mount a USB device remotely when creating an RDP connection. However, if I have virtual machine running in Workstation or Player my device will not be connected remotely when establish the RDP connection.


I get the impression that when mounting the device remotely the following will happen:

1. The usb device is removed from my local OS.

2. The usb device is put back in my local OS.

3. The usb device is removed from my local OS.

4. The usb device get mounted in the remote computer OS.


My theory is that in step 2 the running virtual machine will occupy the USB device in some way so that the process to mount the device is interrupted. Perhaps there are any settings I can change to prevent this?


If this only was my problem it would not be a big deal but since I work at a big company many people here will run into the issue and it takes some time before you realize what the problem is.


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