VMware Horizon 7.12. Provisioning VDI Pool stuck in customizing stage

Using Horizon 7.12, I’ve had a VDI pool for a while a total of 4 Windows 10 VDIs. They’re using a template that makes use of the Nvidia Grid K2 card using the grid_k260q profile.

I recently decided to rebuild the VDI pool and have it build only two VDIs using the grid_k280q profile.
This way each VDI gets a dedicated GPU.

The problem though is that when the pool is provisioning the two workstations get stuck in the “customizing” stage. I can see the VMs get cloned in vCenter and they power on successfully. But it doesn’t look like they’re joining my AD domain. At least, they never appear in Active Directory Users & Computers.

I’ve also noticed that after a long timeout period the system will delete the cloned VMs, and then redeploy them. In vCenter’s Tasks View I can see hundreds instances where it’ll clone the VM, reconfigure the VM, power on the vm, power off the vm, delete the VM, and then repeat.

The pool atrributes are: Automated, vCenter VMs, Dedicated. Not using instant clones or anything like that.

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  1. When that’s happened to me in the past it was due to an issue with the Horizon Agent installed on the base image. Re-installing the agent, re-snapshotting the VM, and telling the pool to use the newest snapshot fixed it.

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