VMWare Horizon 7.8 – Horizon View Agent 7.8 with ThinPrint – Default Printer Issue

Hi All — I’m not a VMWare admin. I work for a software vendor an involved with a firm that just switched from CITRIX to VMware Horizon. They are currently hosting hosting our software on VMWare Horizon 7.8 on Windows 2016 servers.

They are having a lot of difficulty with users being able to print to default printer when using my application.

They have told me that they are using ThinPrint and have it setup to redirect printing and they are not using location based printing.

The problem we are finding is, that in my application/software, there is a print button that prints a report to the user’s default printer. Every time they try this, its picking the PDF printer, which is NOT their local default printer.

I did a test with them — they are hosting another application along with mine — and when we try to default print from the ‘other’ application it is picking up the correct default printer.

But, when I go back to my application, it keeps picking the darn PDF printer.


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