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Hi everyone!

So I currently am using a desktop with 3 monitors (Dell S2716DG  -27 inches in portrait mode)  for around 10 years and I usee VMware Horizon client to access work-related material however after an hour or so my VM froze and have to log out from my work machine and re-login.   I haven’t been able to diagnose what could possibly be the problem and all of the similar posts I have read haven’t given me a solution either. Below are details about my setup. If you need anything else to help me diagnose the problem please let me know



VM machine froze after an hour or so of using it


Relevant Info

Using VMware Blast!

All monitors are the same model and set to the same resolution

Display setting is set to “All-Monitors”

All display thumbnails are selected

I have to 2 Nvidia video cards and on Intel(integrated)


OS: Windows 10 PRO

Have tried to repair installation of client software

Tried using PCoIP, did not help

Tried another VMware version


Here is the performance of VM machine



what Im missing??? Please help this lost soul!!


thank you!


A lady in trouble…

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