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Hi all,

Using VMware Horizon Client (4.10.0) to access my VM and perform Configurations work in the subsystem of a Medical Insurance Claims Payment program.

My current internet speeds:

Up to 150 mbps Download

up to 10 mbps Upload

This works GREAT! Jabber, Webex meetings, Outlook, Excel, MACESS, HealthEdge/HealthRules, SQL Developer, etc. No problems. However, we are moving and the BEST internet service available for the new area provides these speeds:

Up to 100 mbps Download

Up to 4 mbps Upload


Can anyone PLEASE tell me how much this will effect my work? Any type of info would be appreciated. If my work will be majorly impacted, we will chose NOT to make this move, so, this is very important for me to find out. Any specific examples would be helpful (i.e.- It may take you 2 minutes to open an excel doc that takes you 2 seconds now, your Webex meetings may have a second of lag time, your SQL Developer may return queries in twice the time it takes now,  logging in to the network/vm will take you 3 extra minutes, etc.)


Thank you VERY much,


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