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The service is in a suspended state, and an error is reported after clicking recovery. First time installation, please help me.

1.Started C:Program FilesVMwareVMware ViewServerappblastgatewayrun-absg.cmd  for service VMBlastSG in C:Program FilesVMwareVMware ViewServerappblastgateway.

2.Program C:Program FilesVMwareVMware ViewServerappblastgatewayrun-absg.cmd for service VMBlastSG exited with return code 0.

3.Killing process tree of process 9448 for service VMBlastSG with exit code 0

4.Killing PID 9448 in process tree of PID 9448 because service VMBlastSG is stopping.

5.Service VMBlastSG action for exit code 0 is Restart. Attempting to restart C:Program FilesVMwareVMware ViewServerappblastgatewayrun-absg.cmd.

6.Registry key AppParameters is unset for service VMBlastSG. No flags will be passed to C:Program FilesVMwareVMware ViewServerappblastgatewayrun-absg.cmd when it starts.

7.Service VMBlastSG ran for less than 1500 milliseconds. Restart will be delayed by 256000 milliseconds.

[2018-07-06 12:17:13.143] [INFO]     188 [absg-master] – Node.js version: v6.14.1

[2018-07-06 12:17:13.146] [INFO]     188 [absg-master] – ABSG configuration: { PlayStoredLog: [Function],

  fipsMode: false,

  destHttps: true,

  localPort: 8443,

  localAddr: ‘’,

  localHttps: true,


  localHttpsProtocolLow: ‘tls1.1’,

  localHttpsProtocolHigh: ‘tls1.2’,

  hmacAlgorithms: [ ‘sha1’, ‘sha256’ ],

  enableUDP: false,

  localUDPPort: 8443,

  localUDPAddr: ‘’,

  externAddr: ‘’,

  externPort: 8443,

  externHttps: true,

  externDomain: ”,

  adminAddr: ‘’,

  adminPort: 8123,

  autostart: false,

  logReplaceConsole: true,

  logLevel: ‘INFO’,

  logFilesize: 8388608,

  logBackupCount: 16,

  logFilename: ‘C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs\Blast Secure Gateway\absg.log’,

  logTraceUDP: 0,

  certificateStore: ‘windows-local-machine’,

  certificateFolder: ‘MY’,

  certificateName: ‘vdm’,

  productMode: true,

  displayConfig: true,

  maxUriLength: 2083,

  requestTimeout: 120000,

  sessionIdleTimeout: 60000,

  webSocketSessionIdleTimeout: 120000,

  removeUserAgentHeader: false,

  addProxyAgentHeader: true,

  removeJSessionId: false,

  allowMany2OneAccess: false,

  allowManyRoutesToDest: true,

  ipProtocol: ‘IPv4’,

  useExternalForwarder: true,

  labelGenerationMaxRandomAttempts: 10000,

  auxFlowLabelPrefixGenerationMaxRandomAttempts: 10000,

  auxFlowsAllowed: true,

  externalForwarderFlowCleanUpPeriodSec: 600,

  externalForwarderFlowCleanUpEnabledMainFlow: true,

  externalForwarderFlowCleanUpEnabledAuxFlow: true,

  logPath: ‘C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs\Blast Secure Gateway’,

  https: {},

  localOnlyAddr: ‘’,

  anyInterfaceAddr: ‘’,

  numWorkers: 8,

  hideToken: false,

  doLoadbalance: true,

  pidWidth: 7,

  externalForwarderPath: ‘C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\appblastgateway\udpforwarder.exe’,

  numUDPWorkers: 0,

  udpVersion: 1,

  isTraceEnabled: false,

  isDebugEnabled: false }

[2018-07-06 12:17:13.175] [ERROR]     188 [absg-master] – keystoreutil.exe failed to load certificate from [ ‘windows-local-machine’, ‘MY’, ‘vdm’ ] 1 Failed to acquire private key handle (error 2148073492)

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