VMware Horizon – Zero client with multiple touch screens over PCoIP?

I am attempting to attach 2 touchscreen LCDs (dell p2418ht) to a zero client (teradici 20.04.1). The OS is Windows 10 Enterprise (1909) and the horizon version is 7.10. My issue is the following:

When the LCDs are attached and you touch the left monitor, it is reflected on the right and vice-versa with the other LCD. I can go into the Tablet PC Settings from Windows and calibrate the LCDs. As a result, left touch is reflected on the left LCD and right stays on the right. However, when the session is disconnected and sign back in, the touch goes back to responding to the opposite LCD.

Is there a setting somewhere that will retain the calibration for the touch screens? Otherwise, I am calibrating each time after sign in.

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