VMware Horizon’s RDSH Remote App Microsoft 365 CTR Issues

Hopefully someone else has come across this before, I’m sure i am missing some tiny detail here. We are licensed for Horizon Advanced (7.12 installed), everything is working, have the RDSH stoodup and configured. I was testing some apps (Microsoft 365 Suite), and because we don’t save profiles, our users are required to save directly to OneDrive. They are trained that the process is File – > Save As -> OneDrive -> Sign in -> Save File. I cannot get OneDrive to sign in on the remote app in RDSH, the sign in box, never appears. Office apps sign in as the user just fine, but their OneDrive/SharePoint Sites aren’t connect by default, until they sign into the OneDrive in the Save As Menu, or Account window.

I went back into our RDS HTML5 environment, and did the same steps to save a document and it works just fine over there, which leads me to believe I am either missing some small config step on the RDSH, or am missing a Horizon’s piece somewhere. Has anyone run into this before?

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