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I am trying to get this module “installed”.  But when i run import-module, I get the following errors.


The ampersand (&) character is not allowed. The & operator is reserved for future use; wrap an ampersand in double quotation marks (“&”) to pass it as part of a string.

At C:scriptsHorizonVMware.HV.Helper.psm1:176 char:190

+ … ata-ga-click=”(Logged out) Header, go to Features”>Features <span cla …

+                                                                 ~

The ‘<‘ operator is reserved for future use.

At C:scriptsHorizonVMware.HV.Helper.psm1:176 char:261

+ … =”Bump-link-symbol float-right text-normal text-gray-light”>&rarr;</s …


I downloaded the module code from github and made no modifications.  I am running powercli 10.0 and powershell 5.1.


Has anyone else had this issue?

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