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Hi all,


Running W10 Pro x64. Today I started with the 2004 update. During the update I got the message that VMWare had to be uninstalled as it is not compatible with Windows 10. I thought this was nonsense as it has allways been working well and still does. I purchased it and I use it, so uninstalling was no option. I wasn’t able to continue the update process without uninstalling VMWare, so I quitted the update.

So the 2004 update is no option for me.

I hope I can skip this one and receive other updates. Let’s wait and see.

I’m using the VMWare Pro 12 version.

Updating this to 15.5 is no option as it will cost me $ 150,-, and the current version 12 works fine.


Any of you had the same problem?


Fokke Nauta

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