VMWare On Ryzen + Security Vendors

I keep having to shut down one lab environment to spin up another due to Ram limitations.
I’m bouncing between a Dell T140 and a Ryzen WhiteBox due to price.
I would like the option for 128GB ram and an 8c/16t CPU in the future as things grow.

My estate is 6.7U3 and needs to be able to run:
* GNS3
* Fortinet
* Check Point
* F5
+ Assorted other stuff (Probably Palo Alto soon too)

Has anyone run the above on Ryzen?
I’ve spoken to our SEs and they have no idea if it’s compatible.

Rough spec below:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (6c/12t)
ASRock AMD Ryzen X570M Pro4 AM4
Samsung M391A4G43MB1-CTD x2

Anyone have any experience?

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