Vmware on Windows Xp

Hello,my name is Dylan,and I only wanted to ask a quick question here tonight,do anyone here know a version of VmWare that could run in a Windows Xp Virtual Machine (I am not doing anything serious,this is only for personal experimentation,I would love to see how many VMs i can run before being limited,for now,4)

Thanks in advance,

Dylan A.K.A TheMysteriousWatch

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  1. Hey Dylan,

    Not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean that Windows XP is your host and you are going to run nested ESXi virtual machines in VMware Workstation? Or do you mean that ESXi or one of the desktop virtualization products (Workstation, Fusion, etc) will run a Windows XP virtual machine?

  2. Hi obeyrumble,what I meant to ask was if there was any version of vmware that could run within a windows XP virtual machine,and that said virtual machine is running in vmware workstation pro 15,if that makes sense.
    Sorry about the possible poor grammar,English is a second language. Thanks for replying that quickly tho

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