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That is such bs for vmware to recommend to use vmware OS Optimization tool but with the caveat it’s not supported.


Vmware sells Horizon View with the enterprise COST for the product and enterprise COST for upgrades AND support.  In part the windows operating system is bloated and has many services, subsystems and user settings that can be turned off for “better performance for the user experience”.  But as part of the enterprise product you would think that optimization is fundamental part for the overall deployment BUT IT IS NOT included, but “hey, there’s a fling that’s slapped together by our engineeers on their spare time that you should use.”


I mean seriously, how can a company get away with a product feature like that?


Well, with it being over a year that the fling hasn’t been updated nor has it been “productized”, it doesn’t seem like vmware has no incentive to do either.  We are all still using it right? And paying what we pay year in and year out.

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