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I am running into major issues with Windows 10 Professional updates now.  I cannot install the October Cumulative update at all on my host workstation.  I get a nonstop reboot loop that never ends.  My host workstation is currently on Windows 10 1909.  the 2004 update completely fails to install with no help from Microsoft to resolve.  My workstation desktop has sufficient power–


Dell Precision T7600

lntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 0 @ 2.70GHz 2.70 GHz (2 processors)


PERC 710P RAID10 (1GB cache)

6TB total space


This should be plenty of power to run the latest Windows 10, but I cannot get the latest installed.  I am getting fed-up with Microsoft.  I run into this same issue over and over.


What I wish to do is wipe my drives and install Ubuntu instead of Windows.  I currently run Ubuntu in a vm, and I am familiar enough with it.  It is very fast within this vm on my Windows 10 host.  I imagine it will be very fast and powerful when run as a host.  I have never used VMWare Workstation under a Linux host, and I am wondering what type of performance to expect with Windows 10 run under a virtual machine under Linux.  Windows 10 vm run under a Windows 10 host gets slow at times.  Should I expect this same behavior under Linux?  I have plenty of memory, CPU cores/threads, and tons of disk space.  I am hoping that Linux VMware will perform much better than Windows, but I have to get opinions of those who have done it.


Any comments?



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