VMware Skyline ? – is your #haironfire

VMware Skyline ? – is your #haironfire

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  1. I guess I’m clueless because I’ve never heard of this. As long as my vmware licenses are covered by support contracts then I’m licensed for this as well?

  2. Skyline has made lots of improvements on the vSphere side in the last year, but I’m curious to see what sorts of improvements they have in store for Horizon. Right now the features are pretty empty.

  3. It’s a good concept and it’s new-ish. We’ve had issues with logs timing out on upload or failing to upload (10GB+). Our SE has been good about getting it worked out for us. The proacive stuff is nice (while nothing we don’t know it at least lines you up with the KBs so you don’t have to search). The collection is a little infrequent – we have a lot of hosts and so we update a lot, it takes Skyline a bit to see the new versions, etc. Otherwise, I like it.

  4. During my last support experience, I had the techs repeatedly ask me for logs, despite having Skyline installed and being set up to ship them my logs. I mentioned it when I opened the ticket, and several times in comments on the tickets, but they still kept requesting me to upload logs to them and literally wouldn’t respond to my questions like “Can’t you just access this via Skyline?”.

    I get the impression that the front line techs don’t actually want to use Skyline because asking the customer to perform actions puts the “clock” back on waiting for the customer, and not on them. Sort of like how they always call me about my tickets at about 5:15 PM, despite me saying in the ticket that my working hours end at 4:30 pm.

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