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Not criticizing the techs and engineers who work at VMWare as I’ve found them to be knowledgeable and quite helpful, but getting to them is a nightmare.

I opened a ticket with VMWare this morning and it has to be the worse single technical support experience I have seen in ten years. I began by logging into MyVMWare portal and going to tech support. All of my licenses and accounts were listed, but when I went to open a ticket for a product we bought 8 months ago, my product was not there. I see a “Can’t open a ticket” option so I click it and it takes me to a generic web page that was of zero help.

So I picked up the phone and called VMWare. That’s when the frustration really kicked in. The call starts with the traditional press 1 for sales, 2 for licensing. That’s fine, I press the key for tech support. Then it gives a list of major product lines. I selected mine. Once there, it puts me in a voice prompt system then starts listing every VMWare product since vSphere 5.1 asking me to say “That’s it” if I hear my product. Of course, my product was not there. It began repeating the list, but I pressed 0. It asked me if I wanted to speak to someone, I said “Yes,” to be told, “I didn’t understand your answer, please listen to this list of products…”

I finally got through to a human being after multiple key-presses (entering phone and account numbers) and voice prompts and had my ticket opened successfully, but the experience left me drained. It took me twelve minutes to get to a human being; TWELVE. That time was mostly wasted as all of the info I had keyed in never got to the agent who had me repeat the same info for her. I deal with major corporations all the time for tech support calls. 1-3 minutes is the norm for automated queues. VMWare is simply the worse. Someone at VMWare needs to re-examine their tech support web and phone system and make considerable improvements.

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  1. Their support has gone to shit. 5 years ago you could open a S1, get a person in Ireland or Colerado and that person would stick with you until your shit was fixed.


    Now we have to pay some ungodly amount of money for BCS to even get remotely close to that.

  2. Man, if twelve minutes is all that it takes to drain you, you’re not going to have very much fun in this industry… I like to check the timer on my phone when I finally get a human, and for a lot of major vendors it’s like 20-40 minutes.

  3. > but when I went to open a ticket for a product we bought 8 months ago

    What product was it, just out of curiosity in case the same could happened to someone else here?

  4. Honestly, the first level support in my experience has been relatively useless. We generally havent gotten anywhere until we get to 2nd level. We have a TAM as well, and quite frankly I am not even remotely impressed.

  5. Agreed. I get better support when I tweet a company. I doubt their support dept is that granular that you need to select one of a hundred products so they can route you to that one person. Would be much easier to talk to someone and just have them ask you and you respond.

  6. You could just choose a product you do see available , submit the ticket. Once you get an engineer tell them which product You’re having an issue with and they will transfer it.

    Transferring it might take time for the engineer to do, but at least you won’t be on the phone.

    Also, figure out why your product isn’t listed there.

    They have a lot of products they support, certain products fall into different buckets of people that support it.

    It gets pretty granular.

  7. Hey /u/BaDumDumTish, I work at VMware as a TSE. Sorry to hear about your experience. I’ll pass on your feedback. For what it’s worth, I know that this kind of feedback really and truly is valued and listened to, but (as with most large enterprise corporations), whether or not anything becomes of it is another matter entirely.

  8. I think a lot of the issues are due to misguided management. The way they handle the sev1 queue is annoying, you get a engineer assigned but if your unable to resolve the issue once you finally get a zoom session, scheduling follow ups are painful. Countless times I’ve been told “that time doesn’t work as I’m in the sev1 queue than.” I dont think this is the engineers fault, they need to implement a way to rotate the sev1 queue and allow engineers to work the cases they own. They also seem to skew timezones way too much causing no shows to meetings. Lastly the inability to directly engage other groups in the organization is frustrating. If your working a vSAN issue that morphs into vCenter issue, usually they tell you to call back in, at least in my experience.

  9. The place I work has had Airwatch for 5 or so years,.. and yeah,. I honestly dread putting in tickets for any Airwatch related reason.

    When we first bought Airwatch (back in 2014 or so ?)… the first 6 months or so we had access to a clear and understandable English speaking engineer who absolutely new his shit. He was good and quick and responsive and very efficient and helpful.

    Over the years everything has seemed to go downhill. When I put in a ticket now, I get an auto-response by some Indian-sounding name (no offense meant,. just observing the truth) and I either:

    * can’t understand a thing they’re saying

    * or they’re just walking me through Tier 1 level useless advice that doesn’t help me.

    I’ll sometimes spend days (or a week or more) digging through KB articles or Videos or other resources before I resort to putting in a Support Ticket. That’s how much I dread it. (and I’ve given feedback to my Reps and other channels multiple times).

  10. I hate VMware support, specifically for horizon view. I have created dozens of tickets over the last year as I roll out our vdi infrastructure. I have yet to get an engineer that knows more basic T1 stuff, even their escalation engineers. I would gladly trade 12 minutes to get to a human for engineers that actually know what they’re doing.

  11. 12 minutes isn’t great but it’s not horrible. I would have been multi tasking while on the line if possible.

    I once spend 40 mins on the phone with dell to have a monitor RMA’ed. 40 minutes for a monitor!

    I finally lost it on the woman, told her I had more important things to do than to prove to her it was broken, and to send me a replacement immediately. I literally told her I didn’t want to any other words from her besides, “I’ll process your replacement”

    Companies everywhere really need a way for tech savvy people to quickly filter through these shit voicemail systems / call center phone support employees.

  12. Surprise you didn’t get redirected to sign up for Skyline. Does Skyline even help with support tickets? I’ve seen it as a sticky but always assume it was a way for VMware just to get companies info (tin foil hat on).

  13. Log in ->get support -> technical -> system management -> select product you want -> never had an issue with this and they usually are both knowledgeable and helpful and really quick at responding so to say that they are “the worst ever” seems a bit mean spirited

  14. i overall dislike their support. you get these junior level types of people and its just frustrating. from our last 4-5 calls (p1) we did neither get resolution in time, nor any proper troubleshooting done. its a serious problem compared to citrix or other companies like aws, microsoft and so on.

  15. Sounds like my recent experience with Cisco UCS Central support. Took multiple attempts to get an engineer even familiar with Central, and then each one of them needed like an hour to scour logs to see the same problem we told each one of them about. 3-4 days of this was frustrating.

  16. Go to [vmware.com](https://vmware.com).

    Click Support on the top menu.

    Click any item under “Support” or “Product Support Centers.”

    On the next page, find the link to “File a Support Request.”

    Log in when prompted.

    Once you fill out the form, etc… THEN the nightmare starts.

  17. 12 minutes? You lucky dog. I launch a ticket and get the we will have someone call you back, I am just tier 1 support and log the ticket. When I put the ticket in I a say I did KB article xxxx. Their response – try this KB article xxxx. Yes I tired that it didn’t work so now what? Their response – how did KB article xxxx work out? It didn’t work I still get the same error.


    Ok we order a lot of stuff lets see if our sales rep can get us an engineer. Schedule a call and he is at the beach and can’t remote in. Seriously wtf why did you schedule this call. Find someone not at the beach or schedule it when he is at work. He sends me a link to do KB article xxxx. ***** I already tried that can we schedule another call for when you are in town? never hear back again.

    All our stuff is under warranty with a support contract too. Then we get a sales call a few weeks later trying to sell us Azure stack, vXrails etc. and how they are here for us whenever we need help. Nope go **** yourself.

  18. We haven’t called them in years. We eventually dropped support. I think … because we don’t call them. The rare time we called them on a problem they usually took so long to figure it out that we solved it before they did.

  19. I remember dealing with VMware support and had very similar issues even back them. Switched to Nutanix and it was some of the best support I’ve ever dealt with.

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