vmware-tools compatibility with older esxi hosts?

I have somebody asking to update vmware tools to version 11 on their VM. the VM is running on esxi 5.5 host. The problem is, according to the vmware compatibiliy guide – 10.3.0 is the last supported release of vmwaretools for esxi 5.5 u3. however the release notes for vmtools 10.3.0 say its depreciated due to known vmxnet3 issues and to go to 10.3.2 – but thats not on the compatibility guide. Its a windows VM.

Should I go ahead with that version? can I go higher to version 11? Im not sure how to proceed.

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  1. General advice is just to test it.

    As for is it supported or not, not sure if it matters as even your host isn’t supported anymore.

    EDIT: Also recommend upgrading your host to a newer release if you can.

  2. I agree, needs testing.

    I have seen packet loss on vmtools higher than 10.3

    I’m testing 11.1.1which was recently released and that seems to fix packet loss now

    I am running 6.7

  3. Tell the person asking to upgrade to 11.x to provide a technical reason why the VMware tools should be upgraded beyond what the host supports, and refer them to the compatibility matrix. “Just because it is newer” is not a valid reason. Never go beyond what is verified to be compatible with your host and your guest OS.

    VMware wouldn’t have tested that version of Tools on an unsupported host version. Also, as someone already mentioned, in some situations, there is packet loss when running 11.x.

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