VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client Issue

Dear All,,


I am facing an issue as below,, please anyone can help me,, kindly advise me




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  1. Had this issue when I last used converter. Turned out to be, as everything is, a DNS issue with the converter host resolving the addresses of the source/destination systems.

  2. When in doubt, spin up a new vm to be the “converter” system, and install just the conversion agent on the system to be converted.

    Also, you haven’t given much information at all (what is the source, destination, what you’ve selected, and what you’ve tried) so I don’t see you getting much traction. Finally, when in doubt, head over to support; converter is a supported vmware product, they can pull logs and do a more thorough review.

  3. I just had this happen. Turned out to be Veeam picked up the VM and was backing it up mid-conversion. Luckily I didn’t have to restart the conversion since all the data transferred. Just had to go into Converter and configure machine.

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