VMware VCenter Server 6.5 U3d – vCloudtip

You do not need to reinstall your Vcenter server to install this patch, and you can update your vCenter with this patch.

The process of installing Patch is very simple and easy.

Update the Windows version

Just insert the CD into the drive of the vCenter server and click on Upgrade after running Auto Run.

Update the Appliance version

Just insert the CD into the vCenter server drive and then

A – Command to Stage ISO

software-packages stage –iso

B] Command to view the contents of the ISO file

software-packages list --staged

C – To install the rpm package from the command

install software packages --staged


The files, as always, are made directly from VMware and provided with the original name without any interference.

vMware vCenter 6.5 U3d

VMware vCenter Server Appliance Update Bundle

Link 1: VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance-

Link 2 Iran Server: VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance-

File Size: 1.5 GB

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