VMware wont start Kali Linux or Shutdown

So basically i was using KALI on VMware Workstation 15 for a college project. I plugged in my mobile into the virtual machine and suddenly it froze. I tried to shut the vm down but instead i clicked on suspend now the vm wont close. the VMware itself wont close as it is busy. I googled around a little bit and found out that it was happening because of the vmware-vmx.exe. I tried to end the process but it says “Access Denied” wont let me end the process. I found another thread that said “Rename the vmware-vmx.exe and restart”. I did that and it worked the process was gone and my CPU was freed up.

I tried starting KALI after that but the same issue came up again. I cannot boot into KALI. Other OS seem to work fine but for KALI linux. I even reinstalled the VMware tried to reinstall KALI but as soon as i finish configuring the Hardware specifications and KALI load’s the same issue happens.

Is there a fix for it? The issue is on KALI Linux v2019.4.

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