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As stated, workstation just freezes guest windows, even if i don’t do anything on it or on computer in general. I can close the VM workstation by basically ending the process and then i can reopen it but if i do not shutdown the guest machine then workstation will freeze again.


Host spec

gfx is R9 290 windforce or r9 270 windforce can’t really remeber

ram 12gb

cpu i5 3570


Guest settings

1 cpu 2 cores

4gb ram

everything else set to recommended


I tried few solutions as turn off 3d acceleration, update my gfx drivers, remove unnecessary addons for guest(like printer etc), tried changing some settings in radeon settings(Adrenaline version) though nothing helped.


The point is that VM worked for me like 6 months ago, and now i tried it and it does not work. I even tried with an old virtual machine i used 6 months ago and im having same issues..

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