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Has there been any progress on this? I am seeing a very similar problem, perhaps with the same root cause.


I run a kubuntu 18.04 guest in VMware Workstation Pro 15.1 running on a Windows 10 host. I access the guest via remote desktop into the Windows 10 host over VPN. After updating to Windows 10 1903 from Windows 10 1809, the mouse pointer moves erratically when the guest system has focus. This video illustrates the behavior. In it, I simply give the guest focus and move the mouse smoothly from the left edge of the window to the right, and back again. However, as the video shows, the mouse pointer jumps erratically making it virtually impossible to use.


If I remote desktop into the Windows 10 host from the local LAN (instead of over VPN), the problem is not nearly as bad. Using the mouse on the Windows 10 host (without going thru remote desktop), the problem does not manifest at all.


After reverting the Windows 10 system to 1809, the mouse pointer movement is smooth again when accessing the guest via remote desktop into the Windows 10 host over VPN.


I have tried this on multiple systems with the same results.


Any clues as to what is going on here? Can I provide additional information?



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