VMware Workstation idle after connecting to ESXi

Hey there,

I need your help:

I setup a fresh Kubuntu 20.04.1 LTS on my Laptop and installed VMware Workstation Pro 16 (currently in evaluation mode).

When I try to connect to my ESXi server (ESXi 6.7), it asks me about the certificate, so far so good. But after that the prompt just turns grey for like 5 minutes until an error message is displayed below the password field, saying ‘The connection to the server could not be maintained due to long periods of inactivity’. What does this even mean?

On the terminal there are no errors besides some minor proxy file not being found.
My ESXi server is reachable through the web UI as well as on Workstation Pro 15.5 on my Windows machine.

Asking Google for help didn’t yield any useful results (which is strange).
I’m new to VMware on Linux, so any help regarding where I could start to look for errors, logs a.s.o. is appreciated.

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