VMWare Workstation Pro 15 (windows)



I have a bluetooth keyboard that shows up in the system as a HID keyboard.


I want to share that directly with a guest. How do i do that with VMware Workstation Professional 15


In older versions it appears you could do this (VMware Knowledge Base):


Edit your virtual machine’s .vmx file to include the lines below.


usb.generic.allowHID = "TRUE"

usb.generic.allowLastHID = "TRUE"


But if you add those lines to workstation pro 15 it just says the config is invalid.


There must surely be a manual method to pass in a HID device through the vmx file… but how do i do it.


Thanks in advance…


P.S In case anyone suggests it. Yes I have bluetooth sharing enabled, while i can see the hardware device under bluetooth in the guest that does not invoke it to install the HID keyboard under the keyboard section in device manager. IMHO I’m sure this is by design (not to attach keyboards to guests automatically)

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