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Same issue here.


I am on 14.1.7. The updates from Microsoft were forced on me. Workstation was not useable. Clicking on the WMware note left me with only one option….. to uninstall Workstation Pro and install Workstation Player. Potentially hours of work, when I got work to do.


Two updates got installed October 10:

Security Update KB4521863, which I left in place

Update for Microsoft Windows KB4515384, which I uninstalled.


After a reboot, Workstation Pro now opens again and seems to be working.


However, in Installed Updates I cannot see that KB4515384 is uninstalled.


These updates from Microsoft are turning into an epic cluster ef.


So far I have lost a perfect (but older) mobile workstation with 3D modeling software by Autdesk, which lost its 3 monitor capability.

And today, in principle I lost Workstation Pro 14.X. For now I have regained functionality, so my immediate problem is solved.


However, at some point in the future this update will be forced on me, or some other update from Microsoft (new emojis, transparency), you know all these great features we need to do our work.


What surprises me about this ordeal is the lack of guidance from VMware about which versions of its products will run on the newest Windows boondoggle.


So I like to that from VMware.

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