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According to the documentation the following command zeros out free sectors and then shrinks the disk:


VMwareToolboxCmd.exe disk shrink c:


However, after zeroing out the C: drive, VMware Workstation then shrinks all disks. My VM has two disks: Disk-0.vmdk is the C: drive and Disk-1.vmdk is the data drive. This was displayed:


Disk-1 is the data disk… fortunately, it does look like you can cancel the shrink operation for the accidental drive (Disk-1 is huge and would take hours to shrink) and it will move onto the next drive:


There is a disk shrinkonly option which shrinks all drives but IMO this is a bug. It should have only shrunk the drive associated with the C: drive. You also get an error message which I assume is the result of me cancelling the shrink of Disk-1:



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