vRack and VLAN issue with a Kerio Firewall VM

Hi there,

last week I configured a Kerio Firewall VM with one of its physical interfaces connected to a VMware trunk (11-20).

Then I created different virtual interfaces on that physical interface, with the idea to access my VMare VLANs (vlan11, vlan12, etc.)

If it worked well last week, and this morning, at some point I got an issue configuring a VM on a new VLAN.

The VM was not able to ping the gateway (The virtual interface IP), however, it was able to ping other VM on the same VLAN.

But it got worse, now other machines can’t reach their own gateway as they used to do before. As you can imagine, I was like “What the hell did I change”. But I can’t find the reason behind this behavior….

How could I troubleshoot this? This is what I did already:

* Checked the routes (good)
* Tried to ping from the Kerio Firewall (Doesn’t work, event though the route is directly connected)
* Tried to ping same VLAN machines: it works all the time
* Check machines routes, IP settings, etc.
* Tried to go with multiple interfaces instead of VLAN. It works but I can’t create as many interfaces as I need

To me, it seems the Kerio Firewall doesn’t handle the VMware trunk properly, but why now….

Or, maybe there is another system overlaping on my virtual network, I really have no idea how to check deeper….

Any help is welcome guys!

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