vSAN All-Flash Over 1GBe

I’m running vSphere on 3 Intel NUCs with 1GBe, 120GB NVMe and 1TB SATA SSD. I’m planning on trying vSAN for **lab and learning purposes only**.

Is it actually *possible* to configure vSAN to run an all-flash configuration over a 1GBe connection? Or will it tell me to go to hell? On the same note, is it *possible* to run vSAN over a shared 1GBe connection? Or will it likewise tell me to go to hell?

If it’s possible to run vSAN in an all-flash configuration on a 1GBe connection, but not on a shared one (i.e. a dedicated is strictly required), could I use a USB 3.0 1GBe ethernet adapter for vSAN **only**?

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  1. It’s absolutely possible to configure and run. While I did purchase my nvme drives used, I had some fairly quick failure in vsan disks, they are used hard. All recovered cleanly. Vmotion still takes a while to get onto or out of the vsan. Otherwise it was fine.

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