vSAN Network performance pass, fail ,warning

I just setup a 4 node vsan cluster of 2x 2u supermicro fat twin servers

Each node has the following

2x Xeon E5 2630 v1 6c 12t 2.3ghz

8x8gb (64gb) DDR3 ECC REG

1x Intel DC 3500 600gb ssd (cache tier)

2x WD GOLD 2TB HDD (capacity tier)

1x Mellanox connect x 2 10gb nic

VMware ESXi, 6.7.0, 10302608 Running on a Sandisk Ultra usb 3.0 flash drive (32GB)


All of these hosts are connected with new 10gtek sfp+ cables and are connected to a 28 port (24 1g 4x 10g) trendnet managed switch)

I’m guessing something is failing (switch, nic, or cable?) beacuse my reads are great 1000MB’s however my writes are trash at only 200MB/s

Running the vmware network performance test which sends traffic from one host to another then to the next like this A->B->C->D

My performance either Fails or throws a warning in a similar fashion and once in a blue moon passes with all of the tests over 850MB/s

Node D -> B 272MB/s – WARNING

Node C -> D 850MB/s – Passed

Node B -> A 272MB/s – WARNING

Node A -> C 850MB/s – Passed


Node D -> B 0MB/s – FAILED

Node C -> D 850MB/s – Passed

Node B -> A 0MB/s – FAILED

Node A -> C 850MB/s – Passed


Any ideas on what this could be? I cannot think of anything to test as this is so random.

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  1. What’s the port config for those 4 x 10g ports on the trendnet switch? What’s the model of the switch? Maybe it can’t handle that much traffic across 4 ports simultaneously?

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