vSAN VMUG Question (feel dumb asking this)

Am having trouble activating my vSAN License in my Lab. I inputted the License key as I always have done into my vCenter appliance, but when i go to activate my vSAN and assign the license to a host. The license doesn’t appear as a valid assignment and doesn’t appear in the list. If you try to manually assign the license to the Host, it says “Invalid, cannot assign”.

I thought that vSAN was tied to the vSphere version you are running, so if you install 6.7 you get vSAN 6.7 or 6.5, you get 6.5 vSAN? Is this still the correct line of thinking in VMUG Licensing Terms? Can i use any version of 6.X vSAN with my License key?

I feel like this is a very silly and dumb question to ask!

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