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Anyone else having issues with it? I’ve downloaded the client, collected the data successfully, but it fails at the end of ‘sending data’, tried it a half dozen times now.

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  1. I wish they would just release these features into existing products. Like why isn’t Skyline just a part of the vCenter and why isn’t this a part of Skyline..

  2. Hi, u/99gorax our team is on the issue! Did you open a support case? I will respond to you on there and ask a few more details and can follow up further. If you didn’t yet open a ticket send an email here: [vsat@vmtestdrive.zendesk.com](mailto:vsat@vmtestdrive.zendesk.com)

    Thank you!

  3. I got issues too. First upload of our test vcenter worked, but now every upload fails and the dashboard won’t even load any more. Maybe the system is overloaded…

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