vSphere 6.5 de-dup ram

Boring Saturday here so I checked my ram levels on my hosts and noticed that the ram in use is equal to how the vm is sized, so 50 vm’s @ 6gb is using just about 300gb on the host. These are all vdi pooled cloned vm’s, but isn’t esx suppose to dedup the ram with like processes and such so actually host ram used should be much less?

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  1. Out of curiosity, are you using horizon?
    If so, do you use instant clones?

    I’m no VDI expert, but played around with instant clones a bit and as far as I remember inter-vm TPS works for those clones regardless of host settings.

  2. In that case you’re laughing!

    Though do consider trust levels of your VMs and they’re expose levels.

    Saying that, nothings fixed, you can just redo the salt values another day if things change!

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