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Hey all,

I am experimenting with content libraries to try and make syncing needed files for vSphere a little easier. Prior to content libraries, I was simply using manual SCP commands on ESXi hosts to move files from data stores in one site to another site.

I started looking at content libraries and they seem like a good solution however, I was wondering if there was a solution to a particular problem. I have 2 data centers and in each data center, I have 2 vCenters. One manages my server compute private cloud and the other manages my VDI compute private cloud. I have built a content library that syncs between the two data centers and I have them built out of the server compute based vCenters. I noticed however, from the VDI compute vCenter I do not have access to the content library created.

Is there a way to get this content library loaded into the VDI compute vCenter or do I simply have to make ANOTHER content library. Few notes:

* The Server Compute and the VDI Compute vCenters have the same VMFS volumes mounted. The current content library exists on VMFS01 and VMFS01 is mapped to all ESXi hosts in both vCenters
* Currently I am only testing with ISOs but one of the goals is to assist my VDI build team by allowing them to create/manage VDI templates without having to wait for me to copy the templates from one VDI Compute vCenter data center to the other. Currently they wait on me to SCP the template to the opposite data center.

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  1. Each vcenter needs to subscribe to the source CL… And while the content is replicated they will have to export the content from the CL to use it. Might want to consider a shared NFS folder and replication across the datacenters…

  2. As mentioned below each vCenter needs to be subscribed to the content library you want to pull data from. If you’re trying to standardize what is shared among your DC’s CL’s are a good choice, assuming you have a primary DC for the other CL’s to subscribe to. Sharing files back and forth between CL’s isn’t really the objective of CL’s.

    Personally, I ended up just hosting the CL as an S3 bucket, and doing all my automation against that. The vCenters are just consumers, which might not work in your use case.

    S3/CL : https://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2018/07/creating-a-vsphere-content-library-directly-on-amazon-s3.html

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