vSphere 6.7 U2 Hardware Sensor Alerts

Seems to be a ton of hardware sensor alerts now in vCenter, with no way to clear them. Resetting ends in “General system error occured, please reset system health sensors” I have a ticket open with both VMware and HPE. HPE was able to duplicate the problem in their test environment. VMware still researching the issue. We have 6 vCenters, 3 are showing hardware status sensor alerts/errors. The other 3 vCenters do not show any CIM data at all when viewing hardware status tab. If I add a fresh built host to problem vcenter same issue. But if I add it to one of the 3 that do not show any hardware sensors or CIM data the host is fine. 3 vcenters are showing hardware status/cim data and the other 3 are not showing anything under hardware status. All are 6.7 U2. The snip is from 2 different vCenters. One shows the data the other doesn’t. All host are fine. Those alerts are flagging the hosts as having issues. It seems to be only the Gen10 servers at this point, but I am unable to reset sensors on ANY hosts. Any ideas community?

Thank you

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