vSphere 7.0 Core Licensing?

Can anybody tell me what they’ve heard about this? Core licensing on vSphere 7.0? I heard this today.

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  1. I really really hope not.

    Honestly, if they do implement this, we’d probably go no further than 6.7 and investigate alternatives. Nutanix or roll our own with linux, as much as I hate that idea.

  2. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

    Microsoft does this, Oracle always has, I wouldn’t be surprised if Red Hat starts once IBM starts getting into the day to day of things

    CPUs are getting more dense, therefore you need less servers to maintain a good ratio. Less money for the software company.

    Imagine when kuberneties is baked into vsphere, you need even less hosts now if you run all containers.

    VMware over the years to increase revenue has been adding more software SKUs for customers to purchase, so unless they are getting shareholder pushback to do this there wouldn’t be an incentive for them but they have been purchasing a lot of companies lately.

    If they do per core licsensing they would need to more products, either bundling NSX or VSAN to not make everyone angry.

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