vSphere 7.0 licensing

My scenario: I have a client who is currently running a production 5.5 environment. We are building a new datacenter for them and will need to purchase licenses in order to run both environments in parallel. The end goal at the new datacenter is to have them on 6.7u3. My question is can we purchase vSphere 7.0 and vCenter 7 licenses and use those product keys to run 6.7u3? A lot of info out there regarding legacy versions being able to to this, but couldn’t find anything close to my scenario which I’m sure is a common scenario others are doing. Thanks all in advance!

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  1. You can only ever buy the current version, but you get downgrade rights. Basically: buy the v7 licenses, then when they appear in their [my.vmware.com](https://my.vmware.com) portal they can downgrade those licenses to v6. If in future they want to upgrade again they’re perfectly entitled to do this so long as they have current SnS

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